About Us

Wynnton Neighborhood Network (WNN): Our Story in Brief

Established in 1985 by interfaith congregations, WNN’s aim has always been clear: combine resources to help our community. While the congregations involved have varied over time, our core mission stands firm.

St. Thomas Episcopal Church has been our primary space, providing office, storage, and work areas. In the ’90s, we briefly moved to the former Sherwood UMC during St. Thomas’s renovations.

Today, nine congregations fuel WNN by volunteering, leading, and providing financial and food resources. We remain dedicated to offering food and utility assistance in Muscogee County.

Affiliated Congregations

Mission Statement

Wynnton Neighborhood Network exists as a united front of congregations, aiming to address the immediate needs of individuals and empower them towards self-sufficiency. By pooling our resources and directly engaging with those in need, we strive to support God’s children and deepen our appreciation of diverse religious traditions.